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Arizona Computer Products Unlimited wants to be your company for IT lifecycle management. With the advancements in technology occurring as rapidly as they do, electronic devices become out of date sooner and sooner after they are purchased. How are your unwanted/obsolete electronics handled?

With government regulations becoming more and more stringent on the disposal of E-waste, companies are looking for a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly way of disposing their assets. AzCPU is able to accomplish this and more with our ability to properly dispose of all unwanted/obsolete electronics, offer secure data erasure and even re-market saleable assets to recover some of their initial cost. AzCPU offers a variety of services, some of which we have listed below.

We understand that needs vary from company to company. Our services can be tailored to fit your specific requirements. We don't feel our customers need to conform to our needs; we need to conform to theirs. Our services are available nationwide, and they are not dependent on the quantity of product. We are 100% EPA, HIPAA, and Gramm- Leach- Bliley compliant while strictly adhering to our zero E-waste landfill policy.



Redeployment Program

Corporations have numerous departments with different IT Requirements. What would be considered obsolete for one department might be top of the line for another. By offering the following redeployment services, we can save you both time and money during this transition:

All redeployed equipment would be covered under a hardware only warranty through AzCPU.

Donation Program

From a tax standpoint a donation program has its advantages. AzCPU can help cut costs by processing and donating used assets to the charity of your choice. As we are already prepared to handle all aspects of the IT lifecycle arena, we ensure that your charity only receives good usable product and doesn't become a drop-off for E-Waste.

Employee Purchase Program

Corporations like being able to offer their employees as many benefits as possible. One such benefit might be an employee purchase program. We know that the implementation of such a program could very easily become a cost hindrance. AzCPU can eliminate these complications. We will set your employees up with a username and password to our E-Commerce store. When they log in, predetermined discounts will be available on your corporation's used assets, while offering the same services as our redeployment program. All Employee purchase equipment would be covered under a hardware only warranty through AzCPU.



Remarketing Program

Our ability to remarket your used assets in numerous sales markets, i.e. Retailers, Wholesalers, Brokers and even End Users, allows us to recover maximum revenue and profit share with you. This helps to recover some of your initial investment and clearing up valuable space.



Recycle Program

With the ever changing world of E-waste regulations, AzCPU keeps up with those changes, so you don't have to. Making sure that your company is always in compliance.